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Creative Work for the Nuremberg of Tomorrow

© Global Art Nürnberg

What makes a city? And what makes it liveable? Who contributes to this? And how? City-Making finds one answer to these questions in the creative sector of the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

In four categories, the exhibition presents exemplary projects and initiatives that help to shape and enrich the city’s cultural and social life in various ways. Based on an open understanding of creative work, we hear from actors from different fields who deal with the use of local resources and means of production, promote social cohesion and bring people together, or create accessible cultural offerings.

With a media archive of videos, pictures and texts, City-Making offers a colourful cross-section of the diverse creative scenes in and around Nuremberg.

The exhibition is open from 26 June to 8 November at the Neues Museum Nürnberg.

© Alex Wittchen, Frank Schuh, Edel Extra e.V., Jonathan Danko Kielkowski, Khrystyna Lalova, KIlian Reil, Zairil Zainal, Zero Hero, David Häuser, Daniel Gruber, Tom Schrade, Tom Schrade, Laura Kniesel, Julia Puder


The featured projects include ArtiSchocken, BLUEPINGU, Brückenfestival, CreativeMonday, curt, Edel Extra, Forum für Angewandte Kunst Nürnberg, Global Art Nürnberg, Heizhaus, Kulturgewächshaus Fürth, Kulturhauptstädtla/N.ORT, mudra, MUZ (Musikzentrale), Papieroffizin, Sommer-/Winterkiosk, starfruit publications, Straßenkreuzer, supermART, Trouble in Paradise, Urban Lab, VINTY’S, Zero Hero.

The project was initiated by Dr Eva Kraus (Director, Neues Museum Nuremberg) and Prof Hans-Joachim Wagner (Director, Application Office, European Capital of Culture 2025). The project is supervised by a curatorial team consisting of staff from Neues Museum advised by Prof Martina Fineder (Design Theory & Research, Wuppertal University), who ran a precursor to the exhibition project in 2014 in Vienna under the title “Tomorrow Is...”. The technical and editorial team that developed this earlier exhibition, led by Andreas Pawlik (Dform.at) and Antje Mayer-Salvi (Redost.com), was also responsible for the new edition in Nuremberg.